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Why Print On Demand?


Written by ApplePrint

Deciding on a message for your business to send out to potential customers through direct mail is not an easy job. Unlike the work of digital marketing, print marketing still requires you to set a message in stone and outlay the printing costs, hoping that your direct marketing is effective and you’ll make a return on that investment.

Deciding on your print run is also an important decision for any printing of company materials too, as you try to hit the right balance of getting the most for your money, without over ordering and creating waste.

The question is – have you ever considered printing on demand? The premise is simple – we keep hold of your final print files, so can react quickly to help produce more literature as and when you need it.

While printing in low quantities isn’t always the most cost effective way to print short term, it does have its benefits in some ways.

If you decide to change some aspect of your business’s branding or change how you market a product, you’ll find you’re not stuck with stacks of outdated printed literature. It also lets you put a toe in the water to test the efficacy of a direct mail or advertising campaign too, before rolling it out on a larger scale.

On demand printing is also a great way to play into the hands of your cash flow situation. If you’d struggle with an initial outlay of a higher amount of money and would prefer to pay for literature to meet your needs month on month, on demand printing may be the perfect option for you.

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