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Direct Mail Marketing 'Perfect' For Empty Nesters


Written by ApplePrint

Brands looking to target a new demographic might want to consider empty nesters - couples or individuals whose children have left home where at least one person is still economically active.

New resarch from Royal Mail's MarketReach has found that direct mail is perhaps one of the best ways to reach this particular group of people, although it did recommend making use of multiple response channels that do include digital as well.

It was seen that empty nesters receive a lot of mail and as such are particularly comfortable with print as a medium. Longer copy will be read more than once if it is relevant to them, while irrelevant material is quickly discarded. This demographic is apparently 26 per cent more likely than the average person to renew a subscription or product and they're also less likely to try out new goods or services.

The study highlighted the fact that empty nesters do not consider themselves to be old, although they continue to take responsiblity for children who have left home or elderly relatives. They're free to enjoy life and focus on themselves, but many look to the future and have concerns about health and ageing. Financial management was also found to be deemed important.

Brand messages should, therefore, offer either inspiration or reassurance, while calls to action should give them a number of choices on both analogue and digital channels.

It might also be wise to consider investing in newspaper advertising, since recent research from Benchmarketing found that it can actually increase revenue return on investment by three.

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