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Best Marketing Prints For Businesses


Written by ApplePrint

If you are looking at getting some business stationery for your firm, here are some of the most effective printed items you should invest in to help promote your enterprise.

Business cards

No company should be without business cards, no matter how small they are. Whether you are a sole trader or you have a large team of employees, having a business card to identify who you are, what the company is, and what position you have really helps give your firm some authority.

In addition to this, they are great networking tools at marketing events, and also very effective in helping to promote your business when handed out to potential clients, customers and industry peers.

Simply by having hold of your business card, people are able to remember your company for longer and refer back to it if they ever need your services.


Any small and medium-sized business should seriously consider having a brochure professionally made about their firm.

This is great to keep in the reception of your office, and includes all the important information about your company, including how you got started, milestones, achievements, awards and testimonials.

A brochure of this kind helps to inform visitors about you in a visually appealing manner, and makes your business look very professional.


Leaflets might not be the most appropriate marketing tool for your enterprise, for example if you are business-to-business facing. However, those who are trying to appeal to the general public will find pamphlets extremely handy.

Invest in a large number of leaflets that have your company name, branding, logo and slogan on, and include a few short bullet points of what you do and how this can benefit your target audience.

Don’t forget to include your contact details, and any social media pages you have, and you could find they bring in a lot of interest!

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