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How To Combine Social Media & Print Marketing


Written by ApplePrint

These days, brands have to adopt a collaborative approach to their marketing and advertising strategies or risk being left behind. You might prefer print as a way of engaging with people but you can’t ignore the value that digital marketing has, particularly social media.

Bringing the two together is a must, as consumers spend increasing amounts of time on their smartphones and on networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. What you must do when working on both digital and print channels is to ensure a level of consistency across all marketing material, so keep your design, logo and voice the same no matter what you’re doing. This will make it far easier for customers to identify your brand, whatever channel they’re on.

With your printed ads, make sure you include mentions of the social networks you’re on, your website and any other online presence you might have. This will really help boost engagement. You could also use QR codes that people can scan with their phones that will automatically direct them to your online pages.

Another tactic could be to put up banners in your bricks-and-mortar store that offers customers discounts on their purchases if they head online to like or share your Facebook or Twitter page.

What is key is to combine digital and print from the get-go. It’ll soon become second nature to bring the two together – which is what consumers these days expect anyway. If you don’t do this, you’ll soon get left behind.

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