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What Is Door Drop Marketing?


Written by ApplePrint

To stay ahead of the game these days, businesses have to be constantly looking for new and innovative ways of approaching and engaging potential customers. The temptation in the 21st century is to only do this through digital channels but this would be a big mistake since there’s a huge proportion of the country who simply won’t respond to this.

Door drop marketing is certainly something you would do well to consider if you are reviewing your advertising strategies at this time. Consider your print management processes and procedures, and work out if you could do more to target customers by using direct mail – and then start dropping your leaflets and brochures off through their front doors.

This is a really efficient and highly cost-effective way of getting in touch with big numbers of new and existing customers, and you can even ensure that your door drops are highly targeted, whether that’s for geographic areas or smaller local communities. Make excellent use of profiling tools to help you identify audiences in your local area and then deliver your messages to a few key streets so you know that it won’t be a wasted effort.

There are so many different options available to you for door drops that you’ll find yourself repeating the process again and again. For example, you could send out leaflets one day, brochures the next, free samples, vouchers, catalogues, magazines, postcards… the list is as endless as your imagination.

Just don’t forget the power of a personalised message. Devise a few different templates that can be used to show how well you know your local area – and your end user as well.

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