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How To Make The Most Of Your Direct Mail Campaign


Written by ApplePrint

To avoid digital fatigue, companies must use a range of marketing strategies to reach their customers. Direct mail is certainly not a dead form of advertising. When done right it can produce response rates 30 times higher than email.

Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your direct mail campaign. Firstly, identify who in your mailing list you intend to target with your campaign. Your customers will be in different situations and need to be marketed to accordingly. Taking the time to properly target your campaign to a subset of your mailing list will bring in far better results that mailing to everyone.

Follow up your initial campaign with a slightly different campaign to maximise response. This is a great chance to follow up a mail campaign with social media content, especially if it’s linked to direct mail. Repetition enhances the likelihood the customer will remember your message.

Have an offer. Many customers respond far better to an offer than a product. Classic offers include free catalogues, samples or demonstrations. Make sure to record who responds to these offers, as this information will help increase the effectiveness of targeted campaigns in the future.

Quality over quantity. Once the details of your campaign are in place it’s important to make sure that the product the customer sees is of the highest quality. Customers respond poorly to cheap-looking advertising, so you should invest in specialist printing for your direct mail campaigns.

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